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Welcome to Sweden Crystal Design - Glass mills Design and Marketing company founded, 1986.

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Universe Globe Lamp, Illustrated universe with the sun and the solar system, as well as the nine planets.

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Limited edition art glass panels with lighting 78 LED lamps mounted in the frame.
Artists; Ulrika Vallien and Ardy STRÜWER et

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Moonlight Floor lamp
Design that illustrates the full moon in the crystal with a unique light

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Sunset / Sunset Lamp
Med a new unique optical soothing light.

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The perfect gift: Imprezzo Nobel tableware Champagne glass in blue and clear crystal embedded with 24 carat gold in a unique pattern

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Atle III, Ltd. Ed. 29 st, tavla
Iron and Crystal - Mats Jonasson imaginative collection of the finest in limited edition art glass.

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3D Design Engraving inside the glass

Make your photos and memories unforgettable! Read more

3D Rektangulärt Kristallblock 150x60x60 mm 3D Kristallhjärta 50x40x30mm   3D Kristall Torn 220x65x65m     3D Kristallblock Isberg, Large 170x130x60mm    


LED Light for Art Glass - Light In Art

Swedish-made LED lamps with very high quality.

Light up your art glass with LED Light! LED light Frilight give the play life in a new way, highlighting the different techniques used when the glass is produced, which gives art glass new dimension with Frilight LED Light.


Universe Glob Lamp

Finally here, the new 3D Dimensional soothing light from the Kingdom of Crystal

The design illustrates the Sun in the center and the 9 planets across the sky, the stars and the heavens. The light from the Universe makes a unique and soothing candle in the room. No light is the other exactly the same.


Sunset Glob Lamp Sunset light

Finally here, the new 3D Dimensional soothing light from the Kingdom of Crystal

The design illustrates the sunset all the mood with a unique soothing warm light shone around in your room. No light is the other exactly similar in coloration and patterns.
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Moonlight Lamp Lamp moonlight

Finally here, the new 3D Dimensional soothing light from the Kingdom of Crystal

Design of a romantic full moon night. The optical effects give a unique romantic soothing warm light. Inside the crystal ball you have in addition to moon a lunar landscape with volcanoes, mountain ranges and craters. No light is the second exactly like

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Our glass is the origin labeled with the name of the glassworks and manufactured in Sweden under the Swedish environmental protection, as well as the EU's Green Paper on the EU Corporate Social Responsibility and Identity - CSR concept.

TEMA CONCEPT DESIGN - You can find many different products of Swedish glass, specifically designed for users on the go will be able to bring their glasses during the trip. Select the design on the glass that reflect different themes such as friendship, love, business, networking, environment, nature and animals, etc. Read more about Theme Concept Design

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Signed crystal article of glass artist, certificates and presentation brochure,
gift box packaging, altenativt woodcasket, inner and outer packaging.

Companies within the EU and worldwide in general are not charged VAT, the same applies to individuals in third countries, in accordance with current legislation. 

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- Glass products made specifically to reflect a company's image is something that is certain, to give an impression on customers and business partners. We in Sweden Crystal Design are happy to work with you to develop and design the crystal ones in brand building purposes. Based on your needs, we make the whole chain from crystal article to packaging, outdoor glass and furnishings, according to your wishes, read more about Special Design
3D DESIGN - Glass block with patterns and shapes inside the glass block inside of the block is a beautiful ornament that can be admired by all. Choose yourself your own photo motif engraved inside the glass block of Swedish glass, read more about 3D Design
LIGHTING OF ART GLASS Swedish-made LED lamps with very high quality for Konts glass lighting. Show off your art glass by illuminating with LED - light LED -ljuset Frilight give the play life, read more about the lighting of art glass
ART GLASS PRODUCTS over 2000 signed articles, read more about art glass products
DECANTERS carafes Tableware Tableware blown, pitchers, decanters, read more tableware decanters
ENGRAVING ACCESSORIES, pedestals, plates, packaging, LEDs, read more Accessories - Engraving
Home Lighting signed lamps, paintings ledbelysta, doors, room dividers, read more about Interior
Outdoor Glass Decorations rooms and public spaces, möteslatser, squares, roundabouts, facades and entrer etc., read more about outdoor glass
Subject Concept Design - News, Here you can find a variety of practical and effective products of Swedish glass, special shape give the
both users on the move, with limited baggage volume and weight
both need small products that can withstand rough treatment during the trip. Select design line on the glass sopeglarolika design themes such as friendship, love, business, networking, environment, nature and animals etc. Learn about Concept Design

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Thank you for choosing handmade Swedish crystal!
The creation of a perfect glass piece is entirely dependent on the interaction between the master sensitive and careful processing of the red-hot molten glass and skills of engravers, glass-cutter and glass painter.


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