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Nature summer glass 35 cl 6- pack
Artist - "The three masters"
SEK 720SEK 900
Nature summer Candleholder 3-pack
Artist - "The three masters"
SEK 310SEK 390
Blue Edge Bowl of curds
SEK 277SEK 370
1.Engraving by freehand
With engraving pen, proper names, company names, congratulations, etc, but not engraving of the...
SEK 100SEK 350
Imprezzo Champagne 2-pack
Height 25 cm Diameter 6 cm
SEK 1,385SEK 1,785
Red Wire Vase, Small
Artist - Mikael Axenbrant
Network Exclusive Apple, Small
Artist - Mikael Axenbrant

Popular artices

Universe Globe Lampa, Small
Artist - Staffan Lessner
I Råman, Grönstedts Cognac Gold 25 cl, 2-pcs
i Råman have designed two cups brandy, again with a design that differs from the traditional, ie,...
Bouquet for you, Ltd ed 200 ex.
Artist - Ulrika Hydman-Vallien
Yggdrasil, Green/Yellow
Height 14 cm Width 9 cm
Breeze - Vase
Artist - Lars Sestervik
Acarena, Small Red
Height 12,5 cm Width 5,5 cm

We recommend

We recommend

6.Photomotif in full-color designs fused into glass
New! The unique and unusual gift may be the photo of you and your friend, någoon another or pet.
Opt 1: Burn-logo & text w Laser on woodbox orders 1-4 woodbox
Recommended by afterimage 1-4 pc. casket the price 560 per wooden box
9.SP90    Square Plastic, Black
Length 9 cm Width 9 cm Heigth 3 cm
7.Option A Size H 17 x L 75 mm: For orders of 1-5 plates in Brass & Silver plate w text on the sign of the pedestal
For orders of 1-5 plates is the price per plate including engraved text on the billboard 375 kr.
Crystal Block
Size: 120x80x80 mm
Display Items. Pistol, Frostad Clear
Length 13 cm Width 3,5 cm Height 10 cm

Thank you for choosing handmade Swedish crystal!
The creation of a perfect glass piece is entirely dependent on the interaction between the master sensitive and careful processing of the red-hot molten glass and skills of engravers, glass-cutter and glass painter.

Companies within the EU and worldwide in general are not charged VAT, the same applies to individuals in third countries, in accordance with current legislation. 

Payment methods
30 days net invoice companies, Sweden Crystal directly.
30 days invoice individuals, Sweden Crystal directly.
Klarna directly 14 days net invoice.
Klarna Checkout, MasterCard, Visa, American Express
Klarna installment 3, 6, 12 and 24 months.
Paypal directly, Paypal Checkout, MasterCard, Visa, American Express.
Advance payment.

The quoted prices included

Signed crystal article of glass artist, certificates and presentation brochure, prenstenkartongförpackning altenativt träschatull, inner and outer packaging.

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