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  • Paintings in Glass w LED Lighting

    Paintings in Glass w LED Lighting

    Our illuminated glasspaintings are manufactured in Imago Technology (Picture in Latin). The paintings are made in limited edition and numbered by some of Sweden's most famous artists.

  • News - Special Engraving

    News - Special Engraving

    The unique different gift! Plain photography fused into the glass.

  • Universe Globe

    Universe Globe

    Universe Globe is an artist's creation and vision of our Solar System in the Universe. Universe Globe Lamp makes time stand still for a moment in a changing world.

  • Universe Globe

    Universe Globe

    Inside the Universe Globe has 10 crystal balls in clear crystal, with the Sun at the center and around the sun, it is another 9 crystal balls illustrating the planets in our solar system

  • Sweden lantern

    Sweden lantern

    Sweden Lantern - The Living Lantern that makes you happy and conveys the message that light and heat are necessities of life and the basis of all life.

  • Imprezzo Nobel Champagne

    Imprezzo Nobel Champagne

    Imprezzo Nobel Collection is one of the most exclusive tableware you will own or give away. Through an extreme difficult manufacturing process, found our masters in a network pattern of 24 karat gold inside the clear and royal blue colored crystal.

  • Red Glow Collection

    Red Glow Collection

    Red Glow expresses a feeling of warmth and intensity, in a dynamic imaginative pattern, inspired by nature's colors and shades in constant change and movement.

  • Swedesign Today Collection - Positive Sweden

    Swedesign Today Collection - Positive Sweden

    Swedesign Today is a collection of 13 crystal items in different sizes, and Mikael Axenbrant has taken the concept from classical Sweden Collection and made a completely new design.

  • Business to Business

    Business to Business

    B to B is what we want and aspire to, to make it ie Business to Business. The blue transparent crystal within the crystal, striving upward in a powerful circle against the glass of the pieces upper part.

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Signed crystal article of glass artist, certificates and presentation brochure, prenstenkartongförpackning altenativt träschatull, inner and outer packaging.

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News Art Glass Paintings by Ulrika Hydman-Vallien and Ardy Strüwer with LED lighting inside the frame.

Artglasspainting with LED lighting inside the frame so that the subject of the glass is screened out of the room. The paintings are made in limited edition and numbered by some of Sweden's most famous artists. This is something completely new and together with our artists so it becomes exclusive glass art glass paintings with nature. These fit perfectly in their own homes, the company and the hotel.

News photography fused into the crystal

The unique different gift that neither hidden or forgotten by the bride and groom, graduation, family, the 50 year old the anniversary, collector. A unique unusual gift that attracts attention.

Photography fused into the glass.

News: Bring in the Universe in your room

Universe Globe makes time stand still and take the universe into your room. Universe Globe consists of solar system with the sun and the nine planets that will light up the room - Read more.

Imprezzo Nobel Collection

Artist - Mikael Axenbrant

Imprezzo Nobel is the world's only crystal dinnerware with cast-24 Karat Gold inside the crystal. The blue pattern with gold in a network, each glass is unique. No glass is the second exactly similar in pattern and color. The gift at the wedding, engagement, graduation, disputation, farewell, birthday or anniversary. Read more

Wooden box with your logo, name or other text seared on.
Unique and exclusive! Read more

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